Mission Control

One World | One Goal | One Journey

“You’re crazy!”, they said. “How awesome!”, they said. “You’re insane!” “Where are you gonna sleep?” “What if something happens to you?” “I would never do anything like that!” “And you’re doing this alone?” “You’re never gonna make it.”

Those are the most common reactions I get every time I tell someone about my journey. And I do understand where they are coming from. And yes, I am crazy, I am insane, I am daring and I probably am way too careless. But I am prepared. For anything. And all of that makes me the perfect person to go on this journey.

One world, one goal, one journey. By foot. England, Wales, Scotland. As far as my feet can take me. Accompanied by my horse and a guitar, I will raise awareness for the current climate crisis and funds for Solar Sister, my amazing partner organization, which empowers women in sub-saharan Africa to start their own business selling clean energy products to their communities.

I do not know where the road will take me. I do not know where I’ll end up the next day, I do not know the struggles and successes that lie ahead, but I do know that I will give it my all. And together with my furmily, family, friends and Solar Sister, I know that it will be an unforgettable adventure.

Are you ready to come along with us?

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