Day -73: Between Sunshine and Computer Screens

The past couple of days have been both, challenging and wonderful.

We had cold, but really awesome weather, so I tried to spend as much time outside as I could before we get the next rain (which probably is the day after tomorrow). I met a bunch of new, lovely people here on the yard and on my ventures to town – like the other day on my way to the store I met a woman and her two dogs and she told me EVERYTHING about canine sports and where to find them on TV. I don’t really care that much about canine sports, but she was so friendly and happy she could tell someone about her passion that it made me happy as well. I never knew stories about dog agility could make me happy.
And then I met up with a good old friend from uni and we walked the beautiful country around Horsham for a couple of hours. All together we walked 15km. That gave me an insight on what my life on the road is gonna be like. I liked it. I was tired afterwards, but happy. If I were a Sim that day my “Social” and “Fun” bars would be full and bright green – with “Hygiene” and “Energy” probably being at their lowest and screaming red.

But then, how could it be any different, real life caught up with me again. I often found myself standing around not knowing what to do next. Not because there was nothing to do, but rather because there was just too much to do. And this is apparently how my body reacts now when there is a lot to do and I don’t know where to start – freeze (including the good old brain freeze, where you “wake up” after five minutes, wondering what happened the past five minutes…).

So here’s what I did – after finally “defrosting” my body:

I wrote emails. And then I wrote some more emails. Then I posted on social media, fed the horses and myself and went back to writing emails. Oh, and I was fighting an epic battle with a mouse every single night for the past three nights. Basically we were fighting over my food. Oh dear… I tried to hide it or lock it away and she (I assume it was a she, because weirdly enough to me all mice are female) tried to find it – and eat it. I’m gonna save you the details, but in the end she won, because I forgot to close the lid of one of the boxes the other night and she the all my nuts I had inside. Literally all of them. She only left the raisins. Thanks for that…

Other than this epic food-battle with the (probably) female mouse with no name, I had some sort of a half-melt-down because Pinú’u started coughing on Monday. And I usually am not a hypochondriac when it comes to my animals, but with Pinú’u being allergic to dust, thus prone to getting respiratory infections/problems/diseases – you name it – and the journey starting pretty soon, I saw a big stone once again slowly rolling into our way. So Monday was a pretty sh*t day. Emotionally. But then after feeling really sorry for myself, I pulled myself together, got online and ordered three bags of dust reduced bedding for his stable.
The bedding arrived two days ago and is now in his stable, I wash his hay every day to get rid of the dust and as of now he’s not coughing anymore and I am happy again. And my hands are frozen to death.
Side note: I usually like to keep the horses out 24/7, which prevents 80% of Pinú’u’s respiratory problems. But there are some factors like the way too wet fields – due to rain – and the way too fructosey grass, that leave me no choice but to bring him in over night in order to avoid other health problems. So he has to be in the stable for a couple of hours every day, where I can’t avoid him being exposed to dust.

washing hay in ice cold water
Pinú’u’s new fancy bedding

And then yesterday I found out that I have major problems with mapping out the route we’re gonna take on our journey. I had this apparently very naive thought that there were gonna be bridleways, byways or paths that we could take almost everywhere off the big roads, but turns out – nope. Getting from here to Winchester, Hampshire, is pretty easy and will take about a week. And then my plan was to walk to the New Forest and have a good look around there. BUT – here comes the famous but – there are practically NO bridleways or other ways or paths that we could take for the majority of the way from Winchester to the New Forest, which would mean that I’d have to use main roads and lanes for some days. And with the super fast and dangerous traffic and an average of two horses dead every week on UK roads, I’d rather not take that risk, thank you!
This leaves me with a new challenge – find a way to avoid those bridleway-less regions and get ourselves to the next, horse friendlier region on our route safe and sound. Somehow. I guess it’s understandable and maybe even somewhat relatable that this didn’t exactly brighten up my day yesterday. But after a very constructive phone call with my mom, I gained hope again that I’m capable of dealing with this new tricky situation and making the best out of it.

This means that I’m spending a lot of time right now on my laptop or phone, organizing, researching, scheduling, writing emails, posting on social media – or here – looking for solutions, supporters, sponsors and media partners for the journey. While the ponies are out having fun, eating grass, enjoying the sun… Awesome…

how I spend my days lately

But to be honest, I actually really love it. Even when it gets tough and challenging at times, that only means that I’m doing something out of the ordinary, something I will be proud of and remember for all my life.

Challenges can be overwhelming at times, but if we approach them in a can-do manner, we will come out stronger and more self-confident.

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