Day -63: After the Storm(s)

Let me just check … yup … oh, yea, that too … mhm – okay, everything is still here! I still got all my arms, legs, fingers and toes and even my head is still in the right place. Unbelieveable! I mean, there was one storm, okay, survived that one. BUT THEN A SECOND ONE?! YOU KIDDIN’ ME?! Is this what this year is going to be like? I might as well just blow off (pun intended) the whole journey!
– Nah, I wouldn’t do that, we’ve come so far already! I’m just happy they decided the last storm was male and called Dennis, and not female and called Denise. Saves me a lot of jokes about how I blew Britain away and messed things up and stuff… So, yes, thanks meteorologists out there! I owe you!

rainy, grey storm weather blowing over the fields
me in the storm – not amused

I haven’ really been active on here lately, partly because I was pretty busy keeping Pinú’u from coughing, keeping him outside as much as I could – between the storms and rain and disgusting weather and no field shelters – planning the route and writing emails to potential helpers and sponsors. Been moderately – truth to be told – not at all – successful in all the above to be honest, which has caused me to spend the weekend in isolation, hiding from the world in my little cottage, feeling sorry for myself, binge watching Heartland and eating whatever the hell I felt like. Now I feel at least 2kgs heavier and there are no more episodes of Heartland on Netflix to watch. Tough times.

BUT sometimes there is a moment of success and even if it is almost too small to see, it’s all I need to keep me going. Let me just tell you, three days ago, on Friday last week, I got an email from OS maps (for non-Brits, OS maps, or Ordnance Survey maps provides you with ALL the maps showing footpaths, bridleways, national trails, cycling routes, byways, streets, highways, topographic maps etc. and tools for planning your trip and route including information about B&Bs, campsites, hostels, hotels, etc. – frankly it’s a wonder tool and every country should have something like it!). I actually applied last year to become an OS #GetOutside Champion, which is kind of a mini-sponsoring with a free premium subscription and some social media support for the successful application. In the meantime I started planning my route during a free trial of the service. And then the free trial ended. On Friday last week. And Friday was supposed to be the day where OS maps would let the successful applicants know that they… well, that they’ve been successful. So I waited and waited but in the evening I decided that I had waited long enough and that I again wasn’t one of the successful ones and so I bought a premium one-year subscription. Right. And then I went out to do the evening tasks on the yard. And when I came back inside and opened my laptop I saw that I had an email. OS maps. I didn’t get the sponsoring. Oh, quelle surprise… BUT I got a free one year premium membership that I could add on top of my already existing membership. LIKE WHAT?! I WON’T BE NEEDING A TWO YEAR SUBSCRIPTION BECAUSE I’LL LEAVE THE UK AFTER THE PROJECT AGAIN! AND I JUST F**KING PAID FOR A ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION! How do I always wind up in situations like that?!
Aaaaarrrgghhh, this can’t be true! If they only wrote to me a few hours earlier!! My stomach felt like it was burning up with anger and my heart was racing. In my mind I repeated “pain body, pain body, pain body” over and over again, reminding me of how useless this raging actually was. Good Denise, nice Denise, calm down! Don’t bite or kill anyone!
I decided to leave it until Saturday to act on it. And after a good night’s sleep, I opened my laptop and replied to OS, telling them about my situation and that every penny, cent or whatever I could save, really made a huge difference to me and the project. I didn’t expect an answer, I mean, after all, it’s not their fault I’m in this situation.
BUT, this time, believe it or not, THERE WAS A HAPPY END! Today, like just a few hours ago, I got an email, confirming the cancellation of my premium subscription, like I asked, and the refund of the payment!! I was free to use the discount code to get a one year free premium subscription to OS maps!
I can’t tell you how happy and grateful I was and still am and how this made my day – or most likely my entire week!
Lemon turned into Lemonade. Easy peasy. Sometimes…

rainbow over the farm during a break from storm Dennis

Pinú’u is fine by the way. He didn’t exactly enjoy the storms and on Saturday, when it was storming really bad and I wanted to get the ponies in from the field, Pan was acting up and ran out of their field, but stopped right after the gate. I put the halter on Pinú’u and wanted to catch Pan, but then Pinú’u started acting up too. So I thought “Nah, I’m not having it!”, let go of Pinú’u and started running towards the yard. The ponies immediately got my idea and bolted off, bucking and squeaking. But the second gate was closed again, so they ran back to me and then waited for me to open it, only to bolt through and wait at the third and last gate again (yes, there are three gates between the yard and their field). It was actually great to watch them race through splashing mud in rain and storm. And then they were super excited when I put them in the stable and needed five minutes to calm down. It was fun, but I won’t repeat it that much I guess. I don’t want it to become a habit. And ponies have a tendency to develop bad habits a trillion times faster than good habits. So nope, as fun as it was, I don’t want to be hanging onto the rope of a pony racing back to the yard…

the ponies enjoying a night on the field in-between storm Ciara and storm Dennis

So now I pray for no more storms and just two or three days of good, sunshiny weather. Don’t know if that’s too much to ask of Britain in springtime though.

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