This is the most important part of my website. This is what it is all about. This is the key to a brighter future. This is US, actually making a CHANGE! Yes, all of us TOGETHER!! (Yep, that includes you too, hi there behind your screen!)

This project is a fundraiser. Which means, I’m walking all those miles to raise awareness and attention. And this awareness and attention is a powerful thing, that can be used to do so much great stuff! So why not roll up our sleeves and do what others apparently can’t – let’s make this world (let me quickly quote a famous, political leader:) great again!

How does it work? Easy as a nip to the loo! Simply


and you will be taken to my crowdfunding page, created with and for Solar Sister. It really only takes a few clicks and your donation takes us closer to our goal – giving our earth a chance to keep hosting us for the next centuries and maybe even millenniums to come!