Tag Along

Okay, seriously, this is my favorite part, because YOU CAN GET INVOOOOLVED!

Okay, contain your excitement Denise and get your act together!

So yes, you can tag along on the journey! Got some hiking boots? Or trainers (in most areas trainers will do the job perfectly fine)? Good, put them on, grab your backpack, tent, plastic-free water bottle and meet up! Whether you want to come with us for an hour, a day or longer, I’m happy to meet you!

You best get in touch before, let me know where exactly you’d like to join, for how long and of course, who you are and why you’d like to join.

Please note that this is not an organized trip. Everybody tagging along has to be self-catering, is responsible for themselves and in charge of their own equipment and wellbeing. I do not take responsibility for anyone joining the journey, since I’m busy enough taking care of myself and my furmily members (not to mention the whole project including fundraiser, website, blog, videos, finding the route, etc.).
I do strongly encourage you to come along though if you want to have the greatest time of your summer 2020! This could also be a great opportunity for collaborations for musicians, photographers and videographers, horse or dog people, but also for those who always wanted to join a charity/fundraising event but simply never had the chance to. So giddy-up, get in touch and join!