Sun, mother, adventure!

A 1991 born hippie, I enjoy spending time outdoors with animals, friends and loads of good, vegan food.
I am fun, outgoing, shy in the wrong moments, have the darkest shade of humor – which has caused me to unintentionally upset non-humorous people (they deserved it anyway) – and am in love with anything sustainable, boho, hippie, pro-planet, anti-plastic.
I would describe myself as a silent activist. I live my life as sustainable as I can, without pointing out all the nonsense people do and eat, silently hoping and wishing for them to slowly realize that what I do and eat would be worth giving a try every now and then. Up until now I have been moderately successful…
My biggest passions are horses, music, animals, nature, charity and life itself. My love of a good adventure might originates from the days when my mom took my brother and me out on day-long hikes together with family and friends. Nobody knows why, but when I was a toddler and we were out on a hike, I came up with the phrase “sun, mother, adventure” (in german “Sonne, Mutter, Abenteuer”). And it stuck with me my whole life. On these hikes I secretly always wished for us to get lost and spend the night out in the wild. Never happened. Even without smartphones… But now that I’m grown up, I go on my own adventure where I’ll for sure end up sleeping out in a tent in the wild and I bet I will ask myself why I had to be that stupid again and go out an do shit like that. But it will be so worth it.

Pinú’u Namid

If you has a goodie for me, I might even not bite that hard.

Pinú’u Namid, or short Pinú’u, was born in 2008. We’re a match made in heaven (or maybe hell is more appropriate). He’s a typical red devil pony – stubborn, confident, intelligent, courageous and independent (unless you’re a sexy mare).
He is my main partner in crime and best friend. Even though he can be grumpy as hell and has his own opinion about everything, he gladly tags along on any outdoor adventure. He is solid as a rock in (almost all) tense situations, which makes him the perfect travel buddy. On this journey he will help me carry some of our baggage and overcome greater distances with ease.
And he doesn’t know it yet, but we will work on overcoming his fear of cows. And donkeys. And sheep. Baah!

Together we’re conquering any obstacles and troubles coming our way. I know we’ll make the most out of this journey and raise as much money and awareness as we can for climate change, the environment and ways out of (clean energy) poverty.