So, what do you think after reading my “What?” page? Sounds like a crazy plan, right? But there’s more to this journey than just the adventure and being on the road.
See, I’m kind of an activist, you know. Even though I’m the more silent activist type, I still got a whole lot to say! But words are not necessarily my strength – I tend to speak before I think, and even after 27 years of trying to turn that around, I still rock the whole “did I just say that out loud?!” thing…
I’m really passionate about nature, all living things, our planet and it’s wellbeing. Like all of us should be to be honest, because this is our home! And since climate change is becoming a bigger issue as we speak (or I write and you read, or I wrote and you read, or whatever), I thought it was time to get up and do something.
So I got up and did something. End of the story. Thank you byyyeeee…

No, all jokes aside. I’m going on this journey because I want to raise awareness. Awareness for the beauty of our planet, for how even the smallest actions can change the world and make it a better place. Awareness for how great you guys are and how many great things you already do and don’t even know you’re doing. And awareness for how together we can make even the most impossible things happen.
And because together we are stronger, I’ve partnered up with the great, one and only NGO called Solar Sister. Their mission is to enable women in sub saharan Africa to start their own businesses selling clean energy products to their communities, thus fighting poverty and climate change all in one. Like whaaaat? Is this awesome or is this awesome?! It is for sure one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard of and when I found out about Solar Sister and their work, I just knew I wanted to become a part of it.

And so this already great journey became even greater – a fundraiser was born!!
But bear with me on this one, okay? Because this fundraiser has a little special something, that other fundraisers might not have. I set up a YouTube Channel that you can head over to and watch aaaall the videos there (there will soon be vlogs, interviews, specials, music, etc.). And once I reach 1.000 subscribers, they will be monetized, meaning that every click generates money, which will go to 100% towards the fundraiser. This means, anybody can contribute without having to spend a Dime, Penny, Nickel, Shilling, Cent, Rappen, or whatever. It just takes a couple of minutes to watch the video, hopefully press the “like” button and the “share” button and tadaaaa – money for a brighter future for all of us is generated. Now if that isn’t cool, then I don’t know what is…
Of course there is a fundraising page where everyone is more than welcome to directly contribute whatever they like and it’s also possible to sponsor the journey. Every contribution is highly appreciated and worshipped like there’s no tomorrow!

By clicking HERE you find the fundraising page!

By clicking HERE you can find out how to sponsor the journey!


PS: A little side note. In all seriousness. I know all of this might seem a bit “left-oriented”, blue-eyed and just not important enough to the majority of us (because we’re fine, right?). But I want you to remember that climate change doesn’t stop at the borders of your country, just because it might be very progressive and working towards CO2-neutrality. But climate change doesn’t know that. And if he knew, honey, he couldn’t care less. So this is something that concerns all of us. Me, you and even your stinky neighbor from downstairs who doesn’t seem to know what a shower is.
It’s time we wake up, roll up our sleeves and do something. Because in all honesty – we cannot wait any longer for politicians to get their shit together, listen to science and to us and make a change. But this is not necessarily their fault. It is also because their hands are tied. In order for them to be successful in their jobs, politicians are forced to think in periods of 4 to maximum 6 years. Climate change thinks more in like … forever. And a day. These are two ends that simply can not meet. So it’s up to us. You and me. And your stinky neighbor.
So come on you, I know you can do it! Change one thing today. And if you don’t know where to start, message me! I’ll figure out a way together with you. That’s what I’m here for!